Hats off to the carers

Life is hard enough for the average punter. But spare a thought for people working in the healthcare sector – navigating potentially dangerous patients on top of the usual demands and hours expected of them. Not to mention the enormous amount of emotional labour involved which, unless you’re a psychopath, has to eventually take its toll.

We owe our patients two things – only two things – our time and our skill. We do not owe our patients our lives.

Dr Joseph D Wassersug

I was fortunate enough to be included in a one-night-only art exhibition held in conjunction with the launch of Many Hats Network.

Many Hats Network is advocating for a world where health professionals feel safe to share their struggles. “Caring for those who care for us all.”

You can find out more information about this important initiative and get involved here.

I submitted two works, both lino cuts, both with poignant themes. One to do with grief and the other tackling stigma.

Teetering over the city like a Slavic gargoyle. “Untethered” continues to spark conversations and interesting interpretations.
The wine and cheese launch was held at the AMA in Parkville, Victoria.

It was a well attended evening with many artworks purchased on the night by generous patrons. I was super pleased to learn my “Untethered” linocut was one of the works that found a home.

I wish the organisers every success in this project. It appears to be a much needed and valuable resource.

Thank you Many Hats Network!


PS there are still unframed works available in the Untethered editions here. And the framed Stigma piece is available here.