As a designer how much do you charge?

$50 per hour.

If I were to commission you for a piece of art would the cost be the similar?

Yes it would be an identical rate.

Why should I enlist a designer to create a logo or other publication when these days I could easily put something together on my phone?

Ideally, graphic designers have a passion, not only for utilising their creativity but also for the disciplines of design – the organisation, codification and propagation of ideas and information.

A logo is an incredibly powerful tool. A good logo improves consumer perception. Think of it as a flag. When everything is clearly branded it can even improve that internal ‘glue’ keeping a group united when they can proudly hold their smart looking flag high.

A graphic designer will identify and avoid all the pitfalls of using certain colours, blends, text and lineart that cause headaches when uploaded online or supplied to commercial printing bureaus. These pitfalls can prove costly.

After I provide a logo design brief, what can I expect?

I find providing three design concepts is a good place to start. You choose the most suitable one, or suggest going in another direction completely if needed, then we refine it down with multiple revisions until you’re happy with your new sophisticated and unique logo. Expect the final design supplied in a variety of formats for all the print and online branding applications imaginable.

Can a good logo make a good company?

Not really. The healthy heart of a brand depends on the consistent values of the people in the company. Get these to line up and you’re on a winner!

What if there’s a mistake in the final printed product after I gave my approval?

Garling Studio is not liable for errors in the finished work where a proof has been submitted to and approved by the customer which includes such errors.

How can I pay you?

Cash, card, direct deposit are all acceptable.

Bank: ANZ
BSB: 012585
Acc No: 507519442

and international clients have preferred Paypal.